EPG Metadata


The “EPG” is in a great period of transformation. EPG Metadata Consulting works with broadcasters, content owners, pay TV operators, data and solution providers to determine the best and most profitable strategies for providing consumer-facing information services for the location and selection of content. We work across all digital platforms, including digital TV, mobile, and web.


Electronic Program Guides & Content Navigation

With an ever-increasing choice of content, we help define how viewers can sift through and access the entertainment they want to consume.

The principal consultants of EPG Metadata Consulting are specialists in this field.

This site provides relevant case-studies and references of our work, and represents a fraction of our knowledge and depth of experience in the area of EPGs, metadata, search and the evolving paradigms for content navigation.

We travel worldwide and monitor developments globally, and our analyses and recommendations outline some of the industry best-practices, and point to ways forward as ‘EPGs’ begin to change.

We also offer workshops on this increasingly important subject.

We can demonstrate the factors that define a first-class TV viewing experience from the provision of accurate and sufficiently detailed metadata, through to best practice in user-interface design, usability-testing and the whole digital TV product offering.

If at any time in exploring this site you require more information, or believe we can help with a specific project or challenge, we would be most happy to hear from you and can offer our expertise on either an informal or professional basis. Please do not hesitate to contact Janet Greco or Justin Hewelt.